1. What is kitchen service?

    Motze is a small restaurant run entirely by the kitchen crew. Both set menus & individual dishes are ordered directly from the kitchen. Beverages are made immediately and food is brought directly to the table. Motze is waiter-less!

  2. Are tickets refundable?

    Tickets are non-refundable, but you can reschedule or transfer your ticket to someone else. Rescheduling can be done up to 24 hours before the reservation time, and tickets may be transferred to someone else at any time. We think about tickets like an ongoing concert series. Come enjoy the show!

  3. What kind of food does Motze make?

    Motze is a Japanese inspired shared plate restaurant where we make nearly everything by hand. Shared plates (okazu) go well with a variety of rices, or pre-purchase the omakase ticket (available on this website). All ingredients are as "clean" as possible, including ethically, physically, socially & humanely.

  4. Do I need to purchase ahead?

    Certainly not! The omakase menu is available for everyone at the same price. Purchasing ahead does reserve you a table though.

  5. What does buying a "ticket" include?

    All the food, tax, and gratuity! You may select beverages ahead of time, or when you arrive.

  6. What are "tickets" and why does Motze use them?

    Tickets to Motze reserve a table AND pre-purchase your food. They're just like tickets to a show, but of delicious food! Tickets allow you, the guest, to pre-purchase your experience, and forgo the "check out" process while at the restaurant. We hate that traditional dining experiences conclude with check presentation, and tickets allow us to move that all into the cloud! Motze uses a ticket system because we're a very small restaurant. We release a limited number of tables as "tickets" to ensure both our cash-flow and a streamlined service.

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San Francisco, CA

Motze is an experimental dining experience featuring Japanese-inspired cuisine by the Chef team behind Bar Tartine.

Now booking through May 27, 2017

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